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The Dublin Laurens County Humane Society (DLCHS) was founded in 1964 by Ms. Jackie Beacham, becoming a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization in 1980. The organization was originally established for the protection of animals. We provide education, work with the public through our spay and neuter programs, give sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and promote responsible pet ownership.


The Dublin Laurens County Humane Society acts with an open door policy. WE DO NOT KILL FOR SPACE. We assess all animals for health and temperament, and those we can’t nurse back to health physically or mentally. We utilize a licensed Veterinarian for euthanization.


The Dublin Laurens County Humane Society is a private non profit 501(c) (3) corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. As a non-profit corporation we rely heavily on private donations to keep our doors (and kennels) open. The Shelter receives funding for animal control services from the cities that contract for those services. We also generate income through our fundraisers. Private donations, however, make the difference! This is in addition to feeding and housing our animals comfortably until they find permanent homes.


Our vision is to put ourselves out of business. (Think of it! No more unwanted pets!) It sounds like an unrealistic goal—yet we have some very realistic plans that will help toward that end. Most pets end up at the Dublin Laurens County Humane Society for one of three reasons.

  1. They are lost.
  2. The owner surrenders.
  3. They were unwanted to begin with (pet overpopulation).


To curb pet overpopulation the Dublin Laurens County Humane Society has several local veterinarians that help with spay or neuter for every dog and cat, puppy and kitten, that enters our adoption kennels. Still the number of unwanted litters in our area continues to grow. Area veterinarians have donated their time and reduced their costs to help us begin to get a handle on the problem of too many pets. Now we’re looking at ways to help people get their pets spayed even easier—maybe some day taking veterinarians on the road—a mobile vet clinic that will go into the community, to the people, and spay or neuter literally at pet owners front doors!

Audacious goals? You bet! Can we do it? We’re going to give it our best shot! Can you help? Absolutely! Educate yourself, spread the word, and help us make the difference. Become a member of the Humane Race!

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